Here’s all the Launch Day songs, on one handy page. They appear in the order they were written. Most recent on top. New songs will show up at the top of the list. Remember to crank it … and enjoy!

76LP Version - Do What CountsPlayLyrics
75LP Version - I Love To SurfPlayLyrics
74LP Version - Thrills and ChillsPlayLyrics
73LP Version - WorkdogPlayLyrics
72LP Version - Old Rugged CrossPlayLyrics
71Chance At A MiraclePlayLyrics
70Dont Mind If I DoPlayLyrics
69You Done Taken It AllPlayLyrics
68You And MePlayLyrics (tab)
67Reaching For The SkyPlayLyrics
66Slow Cold To My HeartPlayLyrics
65Have EverythingPlayLyrics
64Take ThisPlayLyrics
62Yeah You Look Happy NowPlayLyrics
61So Far With YouPlayLyrics
60Breaking Down At LastPlayLyrics
59Livin On BooyaPlayLyrics
56Inside OutsidePlayLyrics
55Living TrustPlayLyrics
54He She UsPlayLyrics
53Tired and BledPlayLyrics
52Last Man StandingPlayLyrics
51The CircusPlayLyrics
50There Is None Like YouPlayLyrics
49My Little Brothers Bike JumpPlayLyrics
48Did You Forget About MePlayLyrics
47Going Back For MorePlayLyrics
46Bigger and BiggerPlayLyrics
45The Speed Of FreefallPlayLyrics
44Game ChangerPlayLyrics
43Glory. DeathPlayLyrics
42Keep Climbing MountainsPlayLyrics
41Decision MakerPlayLyrics
40God LivesPlayLyrics
39Just You And What You DoPlayLyrics
38Do What CountsPlayLyrics (tab)
37My Time MachinePlayLyrics
36Bugs Bunny BetterPlayLyrics
35A Funkier Groove (Kids Version)PlayLyrics
34A Funkier GroovePlayLyrics
33I Love To SurfPlayLyrics
32Rusty PenniesPlayLyrics
31Stick ItPlayLyrics
30Thrills and ChillsPlayLyrics
29Speed Metal MondayPlayLyrics
28At The Front Of The LinePlayLyrics
27Up Up And AwayPlayLyrics
26Break MePlayLyrics
25Lets Take A PhotographPlayLyrics
24The Phony HomiesPlayLyrics
23Was That Chuck NorrisPlayLyrics (tab)
22Must Have ItPlayLyrics (tab)
21WorkdogPlayLyrics (tab)
20All Star BabyPlayLyrics (tab)
19How Great Thou ArtPlayLyrics
18Looking For Big VictoryPlayLyrics (tab)
17A Lot Of RopePlayLyrics
16To The PuppyPlayLyrics
15Message Of Hope And ProsperityPlayLyrics (tab)
14Cubicle Mountain TopPlayLyrics
13Out It WentPlayLyrics
12I Love To NapPlayLyrics (tab)
11Attack Of The SquirrelsPlayLyrics (tab)
10At The End Of The DayPlayLyrics (tab)
9Hog And DecencyPlayLyrics (tab)
8A Mess Of Wanting YouPlayLyrics (tab)
7I Want It For FreePlayLyrics
6Out Of The BoatPlayLyrics
5Feel It Through ThisPlayLyrics
4I Think I Fell In TooPlayLyrics (tab)
3I Cant RememberPlayLyrics (tab)
2Really oldPlayLyrics
1Eyes Sown ShutPlayLyrics (tab)