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Verse 1:
he took advice from all the phony homies
he took the call when his phone rang hard
he made a mountain out of their baloney
he took a bit part when he really should have starred

Chorus 1:
and now h’ed like to leave it
now he’d like to start anew
now he’d like to stop the world
it would be nice to be rid of you.

Verse 2:
he wears a tshirt that says no fear
cuz he kind of likes the reminder
a fistful of dollars a head full of hopes
he wants a girl he wont be happy til he finds her

Chorus 2:
but first he must endure it
a painful test of heart
a sudden empty sad suspicion
that he doesn’t fit the part

Something is near
But nothing is clear
I misunderstood
When you said you would
So lets just get along
We’ll all go for a ride
We’ll get a big car and
and try not to decide.