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intro: e g a#
verse: G A# C
Chorus: G F# F E
Bridge: G D C

i wish shed stick a knife
anything takes less time than this did
a cold hearted fight
a hot walk through nights two fisted

i cant remember a thing
but i remember everything she said
i felt it burn through my skin
i watched it burn through muy brain
i heard it live in my ears
i see it hang in the air

she dont believe what he did
but she believes the look on his face
she thinks it colors the air
she cant get out of this place
i now he walks to the car
and now he drives it away
she signals for the check
she looks away

it wasnt much but she took everything i had
i shouldnt have drive her away
with out her im just marking time

she wasnt much but she was everything i had
slow cold to my heart
slow cold to my heart