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Verse 1:
running on overload
now we’re feeling kind of slow
the kids in back we’ve got to drive
all night to get to the show

theyve got me happy
and my head i think it might explode
im stuffed like turkey and
i know that it is time to go

Let’s take a photograph
And hold it clear

Verse 2:
but now the trunk is full
and i have got to find the map
my signal sucks t-mobile sucks
a starbucks but we’re in a nap

the podcast on an odyssey
and look that trucker winked at me
200 miles the shortest miles
the longest miles to go and see

verse 3:
i got to spend a week w/ you
now weve got some pictures too
a picture perfect really tight
a happy group its quite a sight
we’ll put it up on flickr
so that we will never want to fight