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verse 1
he forgot what made him move it
he didnt see the out of bounds
in deep he’s finally through it
too steep to turn around

chorus 1
he got laid off
and left behind
so take a ticket
and get in line
he’ll never see
the end of it
until the day he dies
but something glimmers
something shines
a little hope
in nasty times
the end of this
may never come
but never never never
not the end of him

verse 2

she liked it nice and clean
she wanted it her way
she loved it when they made it
their very special day

chorus 2
hooked on you
and now shes hanging
high and dry
on checks and banging
her head til it please stop ringing
does it have to be this way
if youd stop calling
she’d stop falling
try some working
and less stalling
never see the end of this
but never never never
the end of her

[ bridge ]

chorus 3
the things we say
the things we do
but in the end
its just god and you
a bit less dumb
a bit more faith
and at the end its a good place
cuz we slip up
and we lose out
and we say things
that just slip out
and when it hurts the most is when
we get back everything