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"God Lives. "

(this one is based pretty much on p55 (i think) of "mere christianity" by cs lewis.)

verse 1:

i hope youre in this foxhole with me, when the nasties show up
things are gonna get loud.
im reaching out for all the little pieces
of the shrapnel that was left the last time we got proud.
the cream used to rise to the top
now its the selfish and the cruel never stop never drop
always grasping at the bait. always chomping at the bit.
always making new pain to not have to deal with it.

chorus 1:
its all the same empires
making the same quagmires
that swallow us with promises
that are never kept, and make us liars.
theres only one true you.
i tremble at the truth
the fury and the love in you
in us and them and all that think.

verse 2:

dont it slip through your hands when you wrestle with control
it aint yours youre just a tenant and who you thinks the landlord
when he speaks we’ll all drop, empty tents in the breeze,
theres nothing hidden any more. but you dont see him. you just see me.
with the billions of years and the infinite sets
ill put the majesty of heaven againt your stupid side bets
with the power of power and the grace of i am
you shatter with your word, but heal with the hole in your hand.

chorus 2:
hes got me taking it slow
and feeling kind of low
convinced theres nothing left
and nothing wins. and nothing lives.
hes got us coming down when
we got eyes on the ground.
so i like to look to you
looking at us, looking at you.

God lives.
God lives.
God lives.