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verse 1
Go get it
go dream it
go build it all to him
one chance is all we get to
figure out that all we’ve got is him
he made us
and we break us
and he puts us back again
so lets settle in determined
to live lives that make us trust in him

verse 2
you crowned the mountain tops
you filled the sea
you lit the stars
we consider ourselves successful
if we can afford shiny cars
you listen to the beating and the groans
of millions of hearts
i wonder if you’ll hear the sound
mine makes
when eternity starts

verse 3
lets finish up this business
get to work
eat these brass tacks
we waste your precious breath
on useless lies and pointless chase of facts
there are no facts there is no you
theres only truth and press
i want to have the answers, know the truth
from the stink of distress.