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verse 1:
he may try to fill his ocean
w/ the water off his map
he’ll die of thirst before he tries
whats pouring from his tap

tv time a home invasion
selling couches muscles and pie
tv time for once proud nation
wondering what else to buy.

it wont make a difference
but im sorry you suck
im sorry youre weak yeah im sorry youre sad
yeah it wont make a difference after nothing is left.

verse 2:
she dont like the friends she got on facebook
those rats wont sign her wall
she dont like her mama or her papa
so she scurries towards the mall

radio play the latest bestest format
but nobody cares the least
we’re all home drinking radiation
from our favorite fictional beast.

verse 3:
everyone want something
finger wants a puppet hamster wants a wheel
im in want of late great distraction
and i want it on a really great deal.