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Verse 1:
I got my eye on you
you got your eye on them
theyve got their eye on us
and anything thats served up quick and cheap
something moving but best if its not too deep
tell us what to think we won’t make a peep
as you dumb us down.

and now we’re left with this
a market deep in debt
sucking wind at all the little hills
fat and plump and completely miserable

It’s better not to say
whats on all our minds
we’ve been left so far behind
wondering if we’ve all run out of time.

Verse 2:
We wrote a new bill of rights
My fellow americans, complacency and apathy and greed
lying serpents, integrity is history.
and now im stuck here w/ you
listening to you tell jokes
about things you know nothing about
just the little things
you’ll never figure out

[kick ass bridge]

endy thingie:
because they require a spine, and sacrifice, and time
turning off the tv, getting up off your butt.
theres noone around to pin a star on your big flabby chest
its just you and what you do.
what’s it gonna be?