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verse 1:
hammer on the wall
is anybody home
kick and scream and rant and rave
it doesnt make a dent

look inside the weakness
peel back all the strength
send it in, keep your receipt
it will not make a dent.

chorus 1:
somethings slipping, smells like challenge
something missing, not quite right
almost there but not just yet
maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow

verse 2:
i lose myself in your peaceful eyes
but find what when i wake up
a party line, a prepared script
i cant wait to shake it up

losing my religion
but see you in the mess
the flowers grow in this debris
my best circumstances yet.

chorus 2:
send in all the reinforcements
your lines they just might need them
pursuit of truth is it a pursuit alone
maybe sunday maybe not

verse 3:
im so in love with you
but ive got one hill to defend
this is the one on which ill die
this is the one on which i live

take your pride and rot it
take your lines and lose them
take your know how and all your cronies
take them take them take them

loving all my lovelies and
growing all my smalls
at the end of the day what i think matters
doesnt really matter at all.