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verse 1:
run and beat and ripped and torn
and lost and wondering where that hearts gone dead
theres just a tear where it used to thump

out it went without a cry
silently it gave up to the ones that stayed
and bred and grew in strengt h
the mighty’s just a stump


but when i look to you i think i see a chance
if i can stay the course, if i can find my pants
the money’s gone but ive still got my face
my moneymaker’s picture of disgrace

verse 2:
tried not true and wearing thin
ive got to go right back to where we begin
what can i say, hello again

Been here before as you all know
lets go over it again ill go real slow
wait a minute im in the wrong show.

verse 3:
a lovers quarrel a little spat
between the world and a brain gone fat and halved
cut in two like a pbj, and twice as nutty.