Play the song


you and me together
is what we are
two birds of feather
arm in arm
or wings whatever
im in the stars
when we’re together
which is a lot except when im at work

that one time we were acting
like we were young
overreacting about
some dumb thing you were saying
we all were laughing and it was fun
then tim said that thing and everyone bailed

what words could come out
what lies could possible be said
that could change the way our chemicals
reach out to each other in our heads

and id give anything
and id do everything
for one more minute
with you
and id work anywhere
and id fight everyone
for one more minute
with you

you and me forever
its not a long time when we’re together
its like a long drive with a good cd
some dubstep
and the kids are behaving
and we ahve stuff to talk about
for once theyre kind of quiet

but then i say that word that drives you nuts
and then things change as you rebut
and now we’re fighting and now its money
and last year and no uyou didnt’