New Song – “Keep Climbing Mountains”

New song tonight, this one’s called “Keep Climbing Mountains.” It’s written from the perspective of a guy that puts one foot in front of the other and finds himself climbing mountains. Funny how that works eh. It’s also not a bad bike racing song. Happy climbing.

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New song – “Decision Maker”

New song today, “Decision Maker.” In it we take a break from our usual fare of inspiritional tales of grit and determination to, well, basically to make fun of people. (Yes I am a small man … a small, petty man.) So here’s to the Decision Maker — may you live forever in your Cliff Clavin cocoon of awesomeness. Hey btw I’ve got a question — whats the best way to fell a migrating moose in heat … with a crossbow?

Song – “God Lives”

New song, “God Lives.” Empires come, empires go. Civilizations rise, get fat, get weak, get gone. Their inhabitants always striving for survival, or for “more,” for bigger caves, bigger huts, bigger homes, bigger offices, bigger cost-of-living raises, bigger market control, bigger happiness. Destroying ourselves with shabby facsimiles, inventing and re-inventing every sad distraction under the sun. Slavery, prostitution, wars, lawncare. Millennia after mind numbing millenia. Silly humans. You’ll never find it.

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Song – “Just You … And What You Do”

New track tonight, “Just You … And What You Do.” So I guess summer break is almost over? So long, summer, we barely knew thee and poof you were gone.

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