Quitting Coffee, Day 4 of 30

Bone shattering headaches over the wknd not relieved by 600mg ibuprofen. Hair of the dog worked – ie, a single, lone, solitary cup when eyesight starts to blur. this is how it went down –

Thurs noon – The Quit Project begins

Friday – fine

Saturday – 2pm, nasty headaches. lasted hours. doing a single cup of coffee at 5pm helped. ibuprofen didnt, as far as i could tell.

Sunday – 12pm, nasty headaches. doing a single 4pm coffee helped. 800mg ibuprofen didnt seem to make a dent.

Monday (today) – preemptive single cup of the black juice, 10am. so far fine.

Friends are checking in to see if I”m ok. I am. Had a couple of eyeballs pop out with “why???” when i told them i had quit for 30 days. i’ll be ok. together we can do this people.

i admit to growing less fond of the black juice upon learning of the nasty things it does to me if i dont drink it. that’s not what friends do.

im also amazed at what to do with all this extra free time i have now that i don’t spend it peeing forty times a day.

thank you good night.

Also: Mulling a new fake band – “Dance, Greybeards”. And you know what that leads to – nothin’ but trouble and heartbreak. It’s not Thursday though so I don’t have to make any decisions.

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