Literary Sequels That Never Got Written

“I Sold This Horse For That Guy’s Kingdom”
A lighthearted comedy romp about a clumsy ne’er-do-well that makes an instant fortune when he encounters the trade of a lifetime.

“At Least I Got Soul”
A young, mischevious devil with an impulsive gambling problem gives away a generation of the world’s wealth, power and secrets in return for a single human soul. He spends decades in depressed regret.

“A Pound of WHAT?”
Shakesperean schemer Shylock learns that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned when he tries to explain to his wife that he issued a large, high-risk loan in exchange for a pound of human flesh offered as security. (“What am I supposed to do with that, make soap?” derides the wife. She leaves him. His cousin offers a package of bacon in return for a mortgage.)

These are my literary sequels that never got written. Thank you good night.

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