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Still trying to compute my federal withholdings. Here’s another gem from the worksheet: “G) See Pub. 972, Child Tax Credit, for more information.” Ha. So what now?  I’ve look on both sides of this W-4 form, I don’t see any Pub. 972 Child Tax Credit. Do I make a visit to my local library to look up the mysterious Pub 972 to determine the answer for G? Do I google for Pub 972 Child Tax Credit and wade through 4 million quote “hits” on way to becoming my neighborhood’s foremost expert on child credits as they related to Question G? Do I shoot myself in the face?

To know the answer of how best to respond, please see Pub. 8280Qw!Niner-Alpha “Typical Responses to Random References Embedded in Questions On U.S. Governmental Forms.”

Don’t worry, though, no stress. If you get the answer wrong on your W-4, however, men in black suits from the IRS will appear on your porch and drag you away in a dark towncar, and you’ll never be heard from again. “I wonder whatever happened to that guy,” your neighors will one day ask. “Got G wrong …” with a knowing nod and tsk.

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