Christmas Culinary Delight — Also Monday is Danceday

Email grab bag today. First things first –

We’re not just all about the rock here at the ivory towers of Launch Day Headquarters. We’re also all about the snacks. Which is why the astro weenie christmas tree sent in from Piano Steve is going to be topping the mahogany boardroom table at this year’s LD christmas party. did i say christmas? I mean festivus, duh. charles pheonix, we salute you.

Also. Let’s not forget that Monday is Danceday. The usual monday morning routine of whats-that-smell and find-my-pants-somewhere-outside gets sooOOooo stale. So we’re mixing it up today and pulling in a little choreography. Time to clear the cobwebs and celebrate the start of the workweek. We’re all about the exercise. And you’ll know the real LD fans out there cuz they’ll have nailed the “burst both hands / up punch / shoulder shoulder / double dream hands / jump” move. Thx for sending this in, John de Juan. We salute you … and we salute Planet Rock!

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