Umpqua Ice Cream

I’d like to take a moment to mention that every once in a while I head over to the local Winco, sort of the Walmart of grocery stores (I once saw a 400 pounder pouring gummy bears into a sack there), and peruse the ice cream aisle.

They don’t have the most gourmet selections in the world but it’ll do. Also my neighborhood has few alternatives, unless you count iced fish at the local asian mart.

Speaking of which the local Cold Stone closed down, to my great concern. I stalked that place for days waiting for someone to show up. They eventually turned me away with a firehose. I even tried calling to figure out the dealio. No go. It’s gone. Such sweet sorrow.

So I have to cruise down to the local Winco and deal with the 400 pounders and the neck tattoos. Not that there’s anything wrong with neck tattoos. One time the checkout gal called me sweetie. More of a checkout grandma actually. From here on out, all check out people must call me sweetie by the way.

Winco stocks a brand of ice cream called Umpqua, and Umpqua has a flavor called Caramel Macadamia Crunch.

All that as a lead up to this: Umpqua’s Caramel’s Macadamia Crunch is really, really good.

I just needed to get that off my chest.

Thanks for listening.

Ps. New music is not even close, not by a long shot. However Launch Day the Live Band is playing Friday in Pomona at Character’s and Nov 14 at Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach. Just fyi there.

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