Week 11 – “Attack Of The Squirrels (Furry Fury)”

Today’s number is about squirrel attack. Don’t take their acorns. It makes them cranky. It’s called “Attack Of The Squirrels (Furry Fury)”. I like that title because it has parentheses. For German squirrels it is “Das Füry.”

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3 thoughts on “Week 11 – “Attack Of The Squirrels (Furry Fury)”

  1. Dude, you’ve outdone yourself. Who knew I could laugh so hard to a song about revenge-taking squirrels? I think the title should be: “Furry Fury (Attack of the Squirrels)”.

    I absolutely love the lines “they in my tree, they need not to be-e-e-e”. You need to repeat that one over and over and over and over. Make it sound like a really irked little squirrel (e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e).

    I can’t wait for the music video!

  2. James & Crew. 31 days behind you & you are into the last 24hrs. & probably down to less than 100 miles in distance What a staggering achievement. The memory of it will live with you for ever(& no doubt bore you grandchildren in due course!) You are heroes all. I hope the blog will put some arrival photos on the internet for those of us who have followed you progress from afar to see. Congratulations to you all. Lucy

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