Week 8 – A Mess Of Wanting You

New song, “A Mess Of Wanting You.” Three day wknd, sat morning, got up early before the kids, put on pot of french roast, finished this one up (finally) in about 45 minutes or so. Turn it up and enjoy!

Song Details

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3 thoughts on “Week 8 – A Mess Of Wanting You

  1. I thought for a second there that we weren’t getting another song today, and to my surprise, that was the name of the song. Very clever. I like this one. I like the ballad-like intro and the words, “His tongue is long but he’s got no ears – listen. listen.”

  2. i hereby re-christen this song “A Mess Of Wanting You,” a vast improvement over previous “You Dont Get Another One,” which completely failed to convey the notion that you dont get another life, which at the time seemed semi-relevant to the basic thrust of the song but whatever.

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