The Ex Cults from Memphis

Is this whole internet thing still on? Oh boy is it ever.

First off meet ex-cult. They are cool:

Ok now I forget what it was I was going to say. Trust me – you wouldn’t have cared.

Instead of blathering on about whatever it was you wouldn’t have cared about, instead let me take you for a little walk down memory lane, at the end of which is one of the great albums of all time, a little diddy called Gimmick by a band (or guy, or something) called Barkmarket –

On this day in 1993, the above record was released. Well that would be a cool story but I am lying, i have no idea what day the thing was released. though it was 1993 according to the youtube thing. The interesting thing about Barkmarket is not just how amazingly cool they/it was, but also that we (by “we” i mean “noone”) know essentially nothing about them, other than they came, they rocked, they went. They don’t even seem to have reached that certain level of popularity that gets you like page views and stuff today. they’re just gone. this particular record is a lesson in radness.

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