It’s in our DNA

I was watching a documentary about sound. And I have an old joke. More on the old joke in a second. But it was tracing our relationship with sound, and how over the years we have tried to share and transmit sound. The earliest cave dwellers were aware of the echoes of their voices, and entertained each other with some sort of early neanderthal chant in those nooks and crannies of the caves, where they today find denser collections of cave paintings. and once the guy that figured out how to broadcast over radio figured out how to broadcast over radio, he started with an opera singer. a song. and phonographs – again, song. then cds. err, or then cassettes. 8 tracks. whatever. mp3s. songs. songs, songs. even today – pandora. spotify. whatever. songs. on our phones.

no matter what we humans have managed to invent for ourselves, it comes back to – songs.

songs are wired in our dna.

songs are what make us human.

we sing to each other.

and we tell stories. cave dwellers sitting around the fire. radio serials. ok i just skipped over 20 thousand years. whatever. books. movies. netflix. amazon video. i love lucy. it doesn’t matter what we humans have managed to invent for ourselves, be it campfire or satellite, it has always come back to – telling each other stories. we love it.

it’s in our dna. we tell each other stories.

And that’s what makes us human.

and talking. first, just talking. for a really long time, just talking. then – letters, i guess. what, papyrus? telegraph. phones. cell phones. copper. optic fiber. satellite. all so we can – talk to each other. guess what – it’s in our dna. it’s what makes us human. Song, stories, talking to each other.

the technology may change, but our dna doesn’t. it’s the constant through history. our song. our stories. our talking. THAT is what makes us human, not our satellites.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

this is the documentary, its on netflix at the moment.

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