The Magic of Thinking Big – the cliff notes

I was reading about a guy that did a thing and he mentioned a book he had read before he did that thing, and it’s like fifty years old which is like totally FOREVER ago. Anyhoo of course my local library doesn’t have it – and God knows I’m not throwing down 12.95 for it – so I hit the Google thing and there’s like this youtube thing of a guy that does the book review with like cool comic book drawrings and stuff and I watched it – I’m not kidding – four times. I think I get the book now. Here’s the youtube thing and i dare you to try it –

Meet Metz

Canadia, our friendly neighbors to the north, have produced this fine little trio of musically oriented type individuals known collectively as Metz. Metz is currently travelling across Australia, the Great Down Under, and lining up gigs in China, aka nowhere near us, but because of scoring high on the awsome-o-meter, we present below today for your listening enjoyment their record stream, the record is called ‘ii’. and no I do not know how to pronounce that. Granted I haven’t been outside in nearly a decade and spend most of my time huddled up watching I Love Lucy reruns, but this wall-of-sound approach from The Metzes – particularly as a trio – is a delightful refreshment. Let’s note as well they are part of the SubPop family, which is probably neither here nor there, but then again, neither am I. Neither here nor there, that is. Ladies and gentlemen, The Metz:

ps. I continue to mull over whether ‘sexually attractive’ is a good name for a fake band. on the one hand – duh, yes – on the other hand – not sure how easy it would be to live with everyone’s constant disappointment.

tree art on a walk

i went for a walk today and came across an old rusty chain that someone had coiled around and made to rise up off the ground, kind of like a cobra. i didn’t stop to look how it was done, I just wanted to think about it. it got me thinking about other things you could sculpt with rusty chains. would you weld the individual links? how would you “pose” the thing while you built it? how would you rust it out? would it be strong enough for children to play on? or other techniques, like applying an epoxy, or even encasing the whole thing in a transparent epoxy tube.

then it got me thinking about doing it to a tree – imagine a fine tree, maybe a mature oak, and then coiling an old rusty chain up around its trunk, and out across branches. then calling the whole thing, “government.” that’s poetic, right there.

that got me thinking about tree art – could you use huge tubes to force a tree to grow a certain shape, for instance could you entwine two trees together like a candy cane, and how many years would that take.

that’s what happens to me when I go for a walk by myself.