Meet ‘Hanni El Khatib’

There needs to be a word for feeling you get when an artist you’ve been digging but been to lazy to look up tour dates for, then you finally look up tour dates, and he played 30 minutes from your house – LAST NIGHT – and isn’t scheduled to return, ever. THAT’S the feeling I had a few moments ago for Hanni El Khatib. (Edit – Ha! I HAVE seen this guy. We caught him at the glass house opening for someone. Thanks to mrs launchday – a dear woman i lovingly refer to as the bride of frankenstein – for this morsel.) His music gets all seven of my toes tapping and my blackened charcoal heart a-thumpin every time he hits my ears. AAAAaaand of course he played here yesterday. Nobody tells me anything.

Here’s a great song from his 2013 record Head in the Dirt, which, if you’re on amazon prime, you can stream the record for free there.

He’s from San Fran but lives in LA now, and I can’t figure out for the life of me what label he’s on (do the kids even do “labels” anymore). Here’s another one of his tracks from that same session –

He’s got a new record out, he’s touring, catch him if you can. Oh btw his videos are totally awesome filthy so i had to work pretty hard to find the above cleancuts.