Quitting Coffee, Day 6 of 30

I’m still getting mild headaches so I’m still doing a single cup of the black juice a day. Also some tylenol will be in order shortly.

Feel a little sluggish. I miss my old poisonous pal. But overall things are fine. I can still see straight, the world is still spinning (I think!). Also one unanticipated side effect is I think I’m sleeping better. Usually the midnight beast awakens and we prowl the cold dark hallways of LaunchDay Inc’s ivory tower headquarters alone with the cleaners and our thoughts, but not this week. Just sawing logs.

The Ibuprofen has little if any effect. Will try tylenol. different pain pathway.

To be continued. Thank you good night.

Quitting Coffee, Day 4 of 30

Bone shattering headaches over the wknd not relieved by 600mg ibuprofen. Hair of the dog worked – ie, a single, lone, solitary cup when eyesight starts to blur. this is how it went down –

Thurs noon – The Quit Project begins

Friday – fine

Saturday – 2pm, nasty headaches. lasted hours. doing a single cup of coffee at 5pm helped. ibuprofen didnt, as far as i could tell.

Sunday – 12pm, nasty headaches. doing a single 4pm coffee helped. 800mg ibuprofen didnt seem to make a dent.

Monday (today) – preemptive single cup of the black juice, 10am. so far fine.

Friends are checking in to see if I”m ok. I am. Had a couple of eyeballs pop out with “why???” when i told them i had quit for 30 days. i’ll be ok. together we can do this people.

i admit to growing less fond of the black juice upon learning of the nasty things it does to me if i dont drink it. that’s not what friends do.

im also amazed at what to do with all this extra free time i have now that i don’t spend it peeing forty times a day.

thank you good night.

Also: Mulling a new fake band – “Dance, Greybeards”. And you know what that leads to – nothin’ but trouble and heartbreak. It’s not Thursday though so I don’t have to make any decisions.

Quitting Coffee – Day 0 of 30

30 days of no coffee. I predict:

1. splitting, gut wrenching headaches
2. failure by the end of the day
3. fatigue, loss of energy, loss of focus
4. bitterness and angst
5. long dark conversations of the soul in which i ponder why am i doing this

to future self, wondering “why are you doing this?”

1. i don’t know.
2. it seems like a marginally fun idea
3. see what if anything happens

additionally i predict:
1. my age old tired joke of “of all the vices if this is my worst one im doing ok” will echo around my brain

Meetings, Deconstructed

In meetings, you have distinct phases.

First, there’s the pre-meeting. This is a jokey time, vapid small talk, canned jokes. Hows it going? Oh I can’t complain, well I could but noone would care anyways, har har. Vacation, kids. Out sick, feeling better? This is where you pick your seat and fill time until:

The opening soliloquy. This is the opening speech by whoever feels is driving the meeting.

Then, there’s the secondary soliloquy, or, sometimes, the rebuttal speech. Either way, it’s another speech, by someone else. There will always be jockeying for who gets to give the secondary soliloquy.

Then the meeting will devolve into the Chaos and Circular Arguing phase. Someone will say something, then someone else will sound like they disagree, and talk for a long time, essentially saying the same thing the first guy said. This will go round and round in circles. This is the real meeting.

Eventually one of two things happen: either Time’s Up, or the meeting Runs Out Of Things To Talk About. In adroitly managed meetings, these happen concurrently. Either way, there’s some sort of grunt of consensus and the meeting adjourns for the first time.

Then there’s the After Meeting. the act of standing and slowly moving towards the exits creates a new meeting of small talk. If not controlled tightly and carefully, this can launch into another phase of Chaos and Circular Arguing. Keep it simple here folks, dumb jokes, good to see yous, etc, as you move towards the door and wrap it up. If you have a couple “real” friends in there, this is where you banter and shield each other.

Then, The Exit. Clean break, out the door, back to your hole.

Meetings, deconstructed.