New track – You and Me

In which Launch Day < rubbing eyes what ive been sleeping how long??> shakes off some rust and gets all jiggety with the bass lines. Crank it and enjoy. (lyrics(

On Youth Culture … and Their Dollars

Youth! Eh, screw ’em. Noisy. Obnoxious. Don’t understand them. But don’t worry, there’s someone out there trying:

“I don’t believe that young buyers don’t care about owning a car,” says John McFarland, GM’s 31-year-old manager of global strategic marketing. “We just think nobody truly understands them yet.

We’re trying to get the emotional connection correct,” says Doug O’Reilly, a publicist for Subaru.

Half of a typical family’s spending today goes to transportation and housing, according to the latest Consumer Expenditure Survey, released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I don’t know about you, but it’s nice to see someone – anyone – trying to “get the emotional connection correct.” Remember when like parents used to have to do that? Thank heavens for corporate America.

Consumer Expenditure Survey: