On The Existence of … UFOs

Here in the ivory towers of LD headquarters we fancy ourselves cold hard men of science. We seek the truth and don’t care who it hurts. There is one topic so extraordinary, so breathtaking, that we have to revisit it from time to time, much as one may feel called to visit graceland, the circus, or the vatican.

That topic is UFOs.

It seems that modern man may occasionally glance into the night’s sky, see bizarre lights doing bizarre things in bizarre ways, and conclude, inevitably, as he must, that space aliens and a CIA cover up are involved.

It makes me think about ancient man, hearing peals of thunder tear through the sky, concluding, inevitably, as he must, that the gods were angry, or the earth was flat, or whatever.

Because a space alien so advanced, so curious as to visit us, is going to zip around in the sky doing doughnuts.

As far as I can tell, there have been pretty scientific explanations for nearly everything except taco bell meat, and of course science is the very tool (or worse!) of god, but for some reason when encountering something completely without explanation, so novel, so new – we throw up our hands in surrender and welcome our new alien overlords.

Um, anyways, I think I had a point when I started this, but have forgotten it, and now we’re throwing in a movie (“Goon,” for the fortieth time, god bless it), and thinking of taco bell has made me hungry.

If you see the aliens, tell them hey for me. They can find me playing elvis at the vatican.

“Reaching For The Sky”

New launchday track today, this one’s called ‘reaching for the sky’. sort of a korn ripoff. the ivory tower entrenched executives of launchday agree – they like the visual of ‘reaching for the sky ‘ … could mean hope, could mean gunpoint. that’s the kind of creepy postmodern duplicity that caters to the grittier sides of our adoring fan(s). crank and enjoy.

“Slow Cold To My Heart”

New track, this one’s called Slow Cold To The Heart. It’s about love. Ahh, love.