On Message

I like to keep up on the latest Lance Armstrong news. You can learn a lot from following his lanceness. I like Lance. I wish I could be more like him. That’s why I’m making the following changes.

Appearance Fees – you want me, we’re going to have to work out the details with my people. Which brings me to my next point.

My People – I want to get to that special place where I no longer have friends, rather I have people.

Third Person Plural – We’re going to need to refer to ourselves in third person plural pretty much most of the time. It’s good for you, it’s good for us.

Get Our Message Out There – We have a message, and we need to stay “on message.” Lance fights cancer. Everybody knows that. We’re (third person plural) going to fight two things: adult onset diabetes, and improper tire inflation. The former makes people sick, and by battling it we can get folks healthy again. The later makes people poor, and by fighting it, we can keep them rolling along. Also — there’s absolutely no denying the positive energy boost one gets after inflating one’s tires to proper levels, and if I (excuse me, “we”) can attach ourselves to that moment, all the better.

Raising Awareness — we (“we”) are always “on.” It’s important to be on. Always raising awareness for our message. And we seek to build friendships with corporate entities who share our message. (And sometimes that message is, “the check cashes.” That’s ok. In fact that’s fantastic.)

Press Conferences — if you’d like me to attend an event, I’d really like to make it happen, but the best thing “we” can do to make it happen is for you to contact _[your name here]_. He/she handles our details for the foundation (see next point.) That’s code for first we’re going to work out the fee. Afterwards, I’ll make myself available for questions. Q & A. I don’t like to mingle, that will definitely be a little harder to get done (code for “cost more.”) Rather, let’s form a line, set up a table. Field some questions. Raise awareness. Get our message out there. We’d like to join forces with you in raising awareness for your event and for our message.

Start A Foundation – for our message. For awareness. For fund raising. The Launch Day Adult Onset Diabetes and Improper Tire Inflation Foundation. LDAODITIF. “LiveLoud”. No, “LaunchLoud.” No – “Launch Day”. Perfect! We’ll find an acronym to fit that later.

So ok everyone, let’s get our message out there. Let’s raise awareness. It ain’t cheap, it ain’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

“Join Launch Day in the global fight against adult onset diabetes and improper tire inflation.”

I like it.

Two New Tracks – “He She Us”, “Tired and Bled”

Couple new tracks today. A side / B side. Crank and enjoy. Celebrate your day. Celebrate life. Live loud. Turn it up.

“He She Us” – Lyrics

“Tired and Bled” – Lyrics

To K

I’d like to pause a moment to pay my respects to a friend who met an unscheduled appointment with the front end of a truck. I’d like to part the cosmos for just a second, if I may, please, and send a small dispatch, if thats just all right with everybody. So hold on. I’m probably not dealing with this particularly well and I just need to send a quick missive. I cant do it on the facebooks or the twitter thing or the work thing. Its just not the right place. This is my home. I will do it here.

You were a hard charging, once-in-a-lifetime friend, amigo. I tip my hat to you. You made it happen all the time. Like nobody else around. I’ll see you at the finish line, you badass, ballsy mother effer. You’re damn right I will.

I guess you’re heartrate’s not that much lower now than it was at resting, is it. Ha ha ha.

I’d say “RIP” but I know you’re not resting. You’re training. You’re climbing up some ridiculous mountain road to the clouds saying what you always said, “whose idea was it to climb THIS shit?? Its cold! Who thought this was a good idea??”

Then you’d drop us.

On the way down, you’d be sure to tell everyone to be safe, and to watch out. And just by saying it, you’d make it true. You’d tell us boring stories about “back in the day” when you raced for Nissan. If someone took a spill you knew what to do, and afterward you’d tell them “Watch out or your wife won’t let you ride with us anymore…” We’d laugh.

You’d call out every pot hole. You’d point out every danger. You’d be the first off the bike to help with a flat. We’d call each other dumbass over some stupid thing. We’d walk to the bagel thing and get some drinks. We’d swing by Corey’s. We’d hit up Louie’s for some tacos or chile. We’d plan. We’d pick movies. We’d talk tech, or whatever. We’d get bored, we’d bail.

Ride safe bro. I’ll see you tomorrow.

I know you had a favorite LD song, I’ll play it for you here. Plus one you maybe haven’t heard it’s an old one, but I wrote it, parts of it at least, with you in mind. It’s ok, I like the chorus. The chorus is all you. Turn it up, amigo, and tune out.

Here’s “God Lives”, your favorite. After that is “Keep Climbing Mountains.”

Rancho man dies in cycling collision
Created: 01/09/2011 08:54:09 PM PST

A Rancho Cucamonga man died Sunday morning as he rode his bicycle on Glendora Mountain Road.

Kevin B. Unck, 44, was riding his Felt road bicycle south on Glendora Mountain just north of Sierra Madre Avenue when he struck a Toyota Land Cruiser that was traveling northbound.

The Land Cruiser was driven by Martin G. Habern, 56, of Glendora, according to a California Highway Patrol news release.

The Land Cruiser was traveling about 20 mph while the cyclist was traveling approximately 30 mph when they both approached a blind curve. Unck was unable to negotiate the curve in the road and his bicycle drifted into the northbound lanes where he struck the vehicle head-on, according to the release.

Unck was airlifted to USC Medical Center in Los Angeles where he later died.

Habern was not injured.

The CHP is investigating the collision.

Read more: http://www.dailybulletin.com/news/ci_17052758#ixzz1AnBgNjkl