New Song – “The Circus”

New song tonight, this one’s called “The Circus.” Totally irrelevant side note – I’ve been watching the “Life” series on the discovery channel with my kids. And you know what? Nature is downright snazzy. After nearly every scene I end up clapping a little golf clap on my couch. “Nice one, God.” <clap clap clap> “Ooooh, cool.” <clap clap clap>. I can appreciate the world we’ve been planted on, particularly when it’s present in Hi-Def with a cool theme song. There’s a bunch of cool stuff out there in the plant world. I know I couldn’t do it. Hey, too bad we’re currently dumping oil into its various nooks and crannies at the rate of 210,000 barrels a day. That’s all right. We’ve already got the TV show made, we can do what we want to it now, right?

Crank and enjoy.