Song 38 – “Do What Counts”

New song tonight just in time for the weekend, when, er, pretty much noone is on their computer. This one’s called “Do What Counts.” I like this one. It’s got a real “dad rock” vibe to it. “Go on, kids, do what counts. Don’t listen to the haterz. Work for it. Don’t quit when it gets hard. Hell, it’s always hard. If it was easy, everyone’d be doing it.” The gipper himself would be inspired by this raucous rock us.

Anyways. BLAST IT! And enjoy.

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Song 37 “My Time Machine”

New song today. I’ve been saying for years that when I build my time machine, I’ll go here, and I’ll go there, and I’ll figure out just how they did so-and-so. So I’m pleased as punch that this number worked out to be about my prized mythical possession, “My Time Machine.”

(Yo, MC Katie, you counting? Here’s song #3 in the five-part kids song series.)

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