In my infinite uncoolness I’ve never heard of this regina spektor person, but I’ve never heard of anybody. I found this new video of hers on Blink-182’s bass player’s blog. Me like it when people sing things that hit my heart.
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Meet the President Maker

Here’s something Obama said last night from stage to a friend of his at a special little $30K-a-plate fundraiser:

“If it weren’t for you, we would not be in the White House.”

Oh btw, in case you were wondering how much $30,000 is, that would be, let me look this up here, yeah that would be about $4k more than the entire annual income of the median American household member in 2006. Hope it was yummy meatloaf!

Power to the people, right? The DNC be all about the little guy. (Don’t worry, fund raisers are all a necessary part of political life, folks. Ruling us idiots requires a pile of cash.)

Anyways, one more time cuz it’s such a cute quote, here’s what Obama said to a pal of his yesterday:

“If it weren’t for you, we would not be in the White House.”

Aww, that’s so sweet. If it weren’t for this guy, they would not be in the White House. But what guy?

Who do you think he was talking to? Not some CEO right, I mean hey this is Obama here. He must have been talking to his grassroots legion of good little soldiers, the Twitterati, right? In other words, “us?” Was he talking to us? Surely a man of his reputation would not — could not — be saying such things to some mega powerful, mega-rich corporate CEO titan, especially not one who has a daily and insiduous pull on American life. Because that would be awkward. Only those lousy old men of the GOP would do that, right? Cheney talking to Enron, maybe. Right? No way would Obama admit getting put into the White House by a CEO. Because yes we can! Yes we did! Change is a’coming!

Anyways, he was talking to Jeffrey Katzenberg. Is Katzenberg a CEO? An all powerful, mega rich, corporate CEO? Strange, I do believe he might actually qualify as such. One whose product is piped into our homes, and paraded in front of our children, day after day after mind numbing thought-controlled day. One who controls a corporation that controls the national story time. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to President maker and Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. But whoa, he makes movies, not electricity, so he’s like totally cool and stuff. Right? I mean I loved Shrek. After all, Hollywood just mirrors society, it doesn’t control it. Right?? It’s just story time after all, it’s not something evil, like electricity. In fact, you know what? It makes me even more enamored with the whole thing, if that’s possible.

Yes we did!

Song 36 – “Bugs Bunny Better”

You ever get in the mood for old fashioned punk rock? I do. Crank and enjoy.

Bugs Bunny Better – Song Details

Song 34 – “A Funkier Groove” (plus BONUS KIDS VERSION!!!)

Happy Monday folks. New song today – “A Funkier Groove.” It’s about trying something new, a little thing I like to call “forgiveness,” when mean nasty life hands you a big grumpy glass of sour grapes. Remember forgiveness? Me neither. But it’s toe tappin’ time.

In a stunning innovation, I’ve also released an entirely different song, but sung — get this — to the exact same music! Wow, it’s two-for-one Monday people. You can’t buy that kind of innovation. Mixmaster Katie wanted to hear some kids songs. (Because let’s face it — here in the rarified air of Launch Day Inc. global headquarters, we’ve all got more kids than we know what to do with.) So this one’s for the little guys in their yoda jammies. It’s technically called “Play By Your Rules” but at the moment it’s logged in the database as “A Funkier Groove Kids Version.”

As always, crank it and enjoy.

A Funkier Groove – Song Details

Kids Version – Song Details

Song 33 – “I Love To Surf”

New song tonight, this one’s called “I Love To Surf.” Quirky little number about the slick people we always seem to meet along the way. Crank it and enjoy.

Song Details