Song 32 – “Rusty Pennies”

New song today, this one’s called “Rusty Pennies.” It’s a dancy little number, I hope you like it. Oh and follow me on Twitter, @launchday. I’ll like totally follow you back and stuff.
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ps. I redid the mix on “Stick It” and put that on the site as well.

pss. Don’t forget all tracks are available for free download on the music page.

Song 31 – “Stick It”

All right kiddos, new song today, this one’s called “Stick It.” It’s about finishing strong. You can whine, you can complain, you can come up with excuses – but why don’t you just muscle up and stick the landing instead. It’s so much more impressive. Crank it and enjoy.

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tuesday randomness

I liked this quote but it’s too long for Twitter. Release me from my cage, oh 140-word limit.

“In a media culture in which violence and suffering becomes an endless show, be it in fiction or in infotainment, indifference to the vision of human suffering gradually sets in.”

That’s the first intelligent thing I’ve ever heard anybody on CNN say. I’m not even entirely sure what it means but it sounds meaty. And it criticizes the, er, “media culture,” which is one of my great private pleasures. Can I say “private pleasures” here? Whoa, I’d better watch it.

Here’s the link to the story.

Is that seriously a story with the words ‘admiration,’ ‘compassion,’ and ‘moral compass’ in it?

Suffering + Violence = Grrrrrrreat ratings! (Alternative: Suffering + Violence =  Raiders fans.)

Compassion + Admiration = snooze fest.

Tell you what. I’ll try turning up the dial on compassion and admiration for a day or two. I’m not gonna like it, but I’ll try it.

Friday Rewards II

In keeping with Launch Day Inc’s (patent pending) heralded tradition of Friday Rewards — rewards that take Friday’s built in awesomeness and crank up the dial to PHREAKTASTIC (also patent pending)- wait I forget what I was saying now.

In keeping with Launch Day Inc’s respected and heralded tradition of Friday Rewards, we bring you this fine Friday the 1979 rock classic Van Halen II, on sale today at Amazon for a mere — hold on to yourselves — $3.

Drum roll and link: Van! Halen! II!

How do you pronounce that anyways – “eye eye” or “two”. Gotta be two. Two. Duh. Of course I know that. As opposed to the previous record, “Van Halen I.”

That’s right folks, David Lee Roth in all his pre-paternity suit, pre-drug bust, pre-radiohost, pre-Vegas years glory. Some say (I know I do) that the golden days of spandex party rock effectively closed themselves down and shuttered their windows at some point after the release of this album.  The lyrics – filthy. The Rothian squeals – aplenty. The Eddie guitars – off the charts.

1979 rock goodness, folks. Get the tracks, a sixer of PBR, a tube-top clad delicious little thing, and dance the night away.

You’re welcome.