Song 30 – “Thrills and Chills”

Another new one. This one’s called “Thrills and Chills,” and it is about some of the ridiculous things we do on the way to entrenching deception deep within our bosom. Blast it and enjoy. Yes I just said “bosom.”

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Ps. Bosom.

Song 28 – “At The Front Of The Line”

New song today, “At The Front Of The Line.” Kept it simple on this one. Peppy little number about persisting in the face of adversity. Old skoolers, the vintage punk rock slowdown stomp in the middle of it is just for you. Crank and enjoy.

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Song 27 – “Up, Up, and Away”

Another new one tonight, this one’s called “Up, Up, and Away”. It’s about two dudes – neither knows when to quit. For one, that’s good — he’s a regular guy pushing his way through life, taking his knocks but never giving up. For the other, not so much — he’s so focused on staying in the fast lane that he’s missing the point. Either way, crank it.

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