Week 20 – “All Star, Baby”

New music today, this one’s called “All Star, Baby.” Its written from the perspective of a guy that finds himself in a little jam and realizes the tighter he holds on, the slipperier it gets. (Is “slipperier” a word?) Crank it and enjoy! Oh and for any guitar brethren out there, theres actual guitar tab in the song details section this time.

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Week 19 – “How Great Thou Art”

New music today, in which we’ll explore a greatly underexplored genre of music … the punk rock hymnal. Boys and girls, I just dont think it gets done much. So strap on your sunday school whites, pile into dad’s minivan and make him crank up this cover of “How Great Thou Art” on your way to the bake sale.

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Thanks For Calling, PETA Pete speaking …

You know what this world needs? A PETA hotline. I cant tell you how many times Ive wished I  had a phone number I could call to consult an animal-rights expert on how to restore my karma after animal encounters. I think a friendly talking bear mascot would be perfect for this. Lets name him PETA Pete. For example:

ME: [mad dialing]

THEM: Thanks for calling, PETA Pete speaking. [PETA Pete is giant talking friendly bear, remember. Just fyi.]

ME: OMG, i was just riding my bicycle home from the farmer’s market this afternoon after my shift at the bakery co-op and I ran over a moose. I feel so terrible. Please help me… my karma is in tatters. Im so afraid.

THEM: Whoa now, slow down there. Lets just back up a little. First of all, I just want to thank you for taking the time to call PETA Pete. PETA Pete loves answering questions. Second of all, I need a little more information. For instance — you say you were coming home from the farmer’s market. Did you purchase any produce today?

ME: Y-y-y-yes. I got, I think, some rutabagas. And beets.

THEM: Hmm, I see. That sounds delicious. Now, were your vegetables locally grown?

ME: Yes of course.

THEM: Um hmm. Organic?

ME: Y-y-yes. I think.

THEM: Thats good. Thats good. Ok, what were you carrying them in?

ME: A sack.

THEM: I see. Now, it’s important to know what kind of sack it was. For instance was it a hemp sack made from recycleable materials?

ME: No. Plastic sack. Grocery store chain variety.

THEM: [silence]

ME: PETA Pete?

THEM: PETA Pete always recommends reusing linen-style bags. You should always try to avoid plastic grocery store sacks. It might be a little more inconvenient but it makes PETA Pete verrrrry happy. Now, it might take a little more to restore your karma. But let me see — PETA Pete thinks you’re doing a great job for the most part. Farmer’s market, riding your bike, bakery co-op, this is wonderful. Was the moose ok?

ME: Y-y-yes. I think so. He looked a little scared, but he walked away ok.

THEM: Thats terrrrrrific. You’re karma is A-OK. Thanks for calling!!

ME: Thank you PETA Pete!!

See what I mean? The caller in the above example would have lived in fear for literally hours without having PETA Pete the talking bear to call into.  It would be a very good thing. I think with Obama in office, conditions are favorable for this — though PETA Pete would say conditions are always favorable for protecting wildlife. You’re right, PETA Pete. Thanks.

PS. Yes. New music is nearly upon us. One vocal track to lay down.

10 million fans cant be wrong

The weekend is nearly upon us. I, for one, plan on celebrating with a combination of Slamball (no thats not some designer drug, rather some designer sport involving trampolines and plexiglass) and old Dokken records (those billiard cues are so righteous.) According to the interweb’s wikipedia thing,  Dokken has sold 10 million records, and has been ranked #113 on the US Charts as recently as May of this year. Dokken. Go Don Dokken!!

Afer all those years (and all that hair spray), who would have thunk it.  So I for one am gonna be totally rokken like dokken this weekend. Reach out across that aisle and join me, wherever you may be.

Hey check out this cool presidential transitions for dummies.

and this link is a triple whammy of supercoolness. Not only is it a governmental “org chart” (and who doesnt love a nice org chart) for the president-elect’s transition website but from inspecting the url a little closer (and who doesnt love doing that) its obviously generated by a cgi. Thats the “.cgi” part in the url, mom.  Hey now, THAT is exciting. Perl is obviously getting some whitehouse governmental pdf-generation cgi love.  Do I dare dream it was, in fact, Perl behind that CGI and not some crappy csh script? I bet its perl.  I also enjoy the “dbname=2008_government_manual” part of the href, bc to me its reassuring that we’ve got a manual for the 2008 govt. To me, that makes sense. My microwave came with a manual,  the government should too. Its much bigger than my microwave. And the manual’s online. Wow. They’ve got this interweb thing nailed. I can tell the next four — scratch that, eight — years are gonna be awesome. Yes we can. You think its a mysql database even? Omg. Has digg seen this yet?

Thanks everyone for putting up w/ this momentary tech talk. For those of you w/ no inkling of what perl or cgi is, rest assured, it does NOT rock and has no business on this website. Its just how this cubicle dweller happens to pay his monthly bills. Everyone’s gotta do something, eh.

WWDDD — What would Don Dokken do? I’ll tell you. He’d be out there playing Slamball.