Week 17 – “A Lot Of Rope”

New song tonight, knocked this out in a couple hours after the House premier (weak!) and not one but two bowls of delicious apple pie ice cream. I had flipped on the computer to finish up a different one but got distracted upon first strum and ended up with this. I didnt polish this one up much, sometimes you just gotta let it ride. Crank it, enjoy.

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btw, speaking of tv, saw the trailer for the new james bond movie tonight – im pretty sure “quantum of silence” gets my vote for silliest james bond movie title yet.

sometimes mondays really stink

Update: On the one hand, the bad news – david foster wallace died. But on the other hand, the good news — hey, free david foster wallace essays over at Harpers.

Today I came to work and caught an email that an author I’ve enjoyed the career of passed away over the weekend. Its very sad.  what do you say. Rest in peace, you were among the small handful of living authors i followed. the rest are crap. thanks for your books. may eternity find you always w/ a clean bandana at the ready.

here’s his wikipedia link:


i loved reading that guy. i was an enormous, blubbering fan of this fella. He had a passage in infinite jest where the prose became somehow just slow motion, it was nearly holographic. it was one of the greatest moments in reading i have ever experienced. im still talking about it, what 15 years later. he was so good it was unsettling at times. he was a technical master, but he pulled it off in a super cool, likeable, ingratiating way. he applied his talent to topics he loved — tennis, for instance. he was a guy that liked tennis, played it as a youth, and then wrote the hell about it. he was the kind of author that is on a level all his own — when you’re reading him, it is w/ gratitude and joy, and if you know anything you know you’re in the hands of a true master. i gladly nominate him to represent my generation to the centuries of literary history. so rest in peace man, im really going to miss your work. The short list just grew one shorter.

Week 16 – “To The Puppy”

Today’s song is called “To The Puppy.” I’d like to stress that no animals were hurt in the making of this song. However, it is a sad lament for a life hard lived. It’s not always easy being of the four legged canine ilk. Its not all puppy chow and squeaky toys. Sometimes you’ve got to live the rough stuff. I think I understand that now.

Astute listeners might notice the piano. Piano is new at this site. Sometimes you need some piano. Piano’s kind of like compassion. You can overdo it, but sometimes, it turns a lousy situation into something better.

Crank it and enjoy. And please, sign up for whatever feed works for ya.

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