Week 15 – “Message Of Hope And Prosperity”

New tune today, called “Message Of Hope And Prosperity.” It’s about shopping and competition. Crank it and enjoy. (And don’t forget to subscribe to the feed, Im beggin’ ya. Update: Now you can subscribe via email by entering your address on the right!)

Another update: This is the first song Ive put on thesixtyone.com. It got some bumps and a comment. Check it out, search for “launch day” and play it to give it another “bump.”

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Week 14 – “Cubicle Mountain Top”

Another tune today, “Cubicle Mountain Top.” I’ve always wanted to sing about my cubicle. Turn it up and enjoy.

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week 13 – “Out It Went”

New music today, this one’s called “Out It Went.” Poor little guy’s heart went out. Crank it and enjoy.

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