sometimes its all about the cowl

what was that movie where jack black played a pro-wrestling priest? he served in an orphange by day and pursued his love of wrestling by night.  it was a quirky, quiet, funny movie that i always seem to fall asleep about 3/4s of the way through and yet i have watched that first 3/4s dozens of times. well good news boys and girls I think that jack blackian (coin termed by me patent pending) priest got older grew a righteous beard stayed a friar and now HERE HE IS fronting a metal band:

Props to you, padre! May all your prayers be answered “SI”.

Week 12 – “I Love To Nap”

Today’s number is called “I Love To Nap.” I dont know if i should apologize in advance for this or not. It’s from the perspective of my little guy who’s about 2 months old and really, really loves to nap. Napping is great. I think I should write an entire rock opera based on napping. There should be a national day of nap. Everyone, write to your congressman and demand a national day of nap.

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