Week 7 – “I Want It For Free”

Today’s song is called “I Want It For Free.” My three yr old wanted a song about a race car but it didnt work out that way with this one. Next one maybe? Enjoy.

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Week 6 – “Out of the Boat”

This tune is called ‘Out of the Boat.’ Im not particularly fond of it but what are you gonna do.

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week 5 – “Feel It Through This”

This one is called “Feel It Through This.” I should be sleeping but i seem to have a little addiction to this music thing. Enjoy.

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week 4 – “I Think I Fell In Too”

Today’s tune is “I Think I Fell In, Too.” It’s about organized stupidity. Turn it up and enjoy!

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week 3 – “i cant remember”

todays song is called “i cant remember.” took me about an hour and 45 minutes to write and record after coming home from a friend’s child’s birthday party. if it wasnt for little kid birthday parties — and work — id never get out of the house. I like the upbeatness of this song after yesterday’s slow number. enjoy the music. and subscribe to the feed, im beggin ya.

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week 2 — “Really old”


here’s song number 2. its called “really old.” my wife asked me if thats the title or if the song is really old. its just the title, its fresh off the presses. its about a suburban husband and wife in the, well, suburbs. im really liking my new setup, i was able to write and record this thing in about two hours tonight. one of these days ill post some pics of my snazzy “vocals booth.” some might call it a toyota minivan in my garage but i know better. its a “vocals booth.” perched inside the sweet sienna i can enjoy a little soundproofing without waking up the neighbors or my kids. did i mention i am operating in the spirit of “Thing A Week.” thing a week rocks. enjoy the song.

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