new “song details” feature

through an interesting chain of events ive been able to add a “song details” page for each song. youll be able to find guitar tab, lyrics, and info on each song. this is precisely what ive been wanting. more youtube and related awesomeness on this page is coming. thank you kerrin for the assist!

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week 1 – “Eyes Sown Shut”

Heres the first song from the new site. Its called Eyes Sown Shut. If you notice the lyrics at all, they seem a little depressing. But all i got done before scampering off to attend to technical matters of the site was the 1st verse. The 2nd and 3rd verses are still coming. The idea is that in the first verse this guy finds himself w/ what he perceives as a little problem, and reacts. In the 2nd verse he’s going to mellow out a little and by the 3rd verse he’s “gained enlightenment” as they say and realizes he’s better off than he was before. With my new setup this number took me about an hour and a half to write and record.

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Song Details

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