New Track – Chance At A Miracle

New track today, this one’s called Chance At A Miracle.

For those of you that have at least one toe, the bass madness in the middle really should get it tapping.

New Track – “Dont Mind If I Do”

New track today, this sunny little number is called Dont Mind If I Do and it works best w/ a can of pabst and some tattoos.

“Reaching For The Sky”

New launchday track today, this one’s called ‘reaching for the sky’. sort of a korn ripoff. the ivory tower entrenched executives of launchday agree – they like the visual of ‘reaching for the sky ‘ … could mean hope, could mean gunpoint. that’s the kind of creepy postmodern duplicity that caters to the grittier sides of our adoring fan(s). crank and enjoy.

“Slow Cold To My Heart”

New track, this one’s called Slow Cold To The Heart. It’s about love. Ahh, love.


“Have Everything”

New Track – “Have Everything”

Cuz when you have everything, you have nothing.

“Take This”

New launchday track: “Take This”

This peppy little number is about your addictions. Crank and enjoy.